You Were There > Error!

Error! weaves together an image of the Vienna Offensive, a seize launched by Soviet 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian fronts in order to capture Vienna, Austria, during the Second World War. This weaving does not focus on clarity of the image and its history, rather the natural inclination to dismiss narratives of war. There is no clear indication of the setting, individuals, or timeline of events, rather, the legibility of the image has been obscured and yet, still leaves a damaging and permanet stain. When we allow ourselves to forget history, we are condemned to repeat it.

This image was screenprinted with bleach onto the warp (lengthwise threads in the loom), then woven together. In total, there are 1,080 individual threads that the image is printed onto. Due to the inability to hold each thread with exact tension, the image twists and contorts until it is settled with the weft (thread shuttled back and forth across the warp to create the weave). The final weaving displays the image on both sides - together, they complete the scene, but it is never seen in full detail by the viewer at once.

Woven Screenprint with Bleach & Embroidery
82 x 72"