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Presents Past (2019) personifies abrupt loss, questioning the legitimacy of a narrative that may or may not have ever happened, while reflecting upon the inability to contain memories. Displayed in three rows of twenty unfired ceramic tiles, this work featured a series of three inherited photographs that, when considering the landscape and figures, appear to be following a narrative. The photographs were scanned at 72 dpi, printed, then rescanned at 72 dpi until the imageblurred and shrank itself away. Transferred to ceramic, the clay is able to absorb the memory that remains within each printed scan, replicating the inability to contain memory and the subsequent deterioration of both analog and digital platforms. Placed atop two nails, the tiles are vulnerable to their own death. Simultaneously, this piece refers to my grandmother's breathing cycle in comatose - exactly twenty seconds of inhaling and exhaling, then twenty seconds unresponsive - for two straight weeks. Each tile represents one second within the breathing cycle, slowly fading away with each photo transfer.

Presents Past
Laser Transfer on Clay
2 x 40 x .25”